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Exploring Anne’s world on Prince Edward Island

Anne of Green Gables has become a beloved figure in our home, just as she is in homes and across generations the world over. From her stubborn and impetuous nature to her wide-eyed faith in hope and kindred spirits, Anne remains relatable to each of us more than a century after Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery brought her into being.

We went to Prince Edward Island, along with our two bosom friends, with learning more about Anne’s origins as a cornerstone. But we soon discovered that the Island that’s home to Anne is also a great deal more.

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Avoid the crowds on Bruce Peninsula with an autumn road trip

How does a road tripper seeking the beauty and serenity of nature make the most of the Bruce Peninsula without being driven out by crowds? There is a solution: make the trip in the autumn. Sure, with the weather being cooler you’ll have to give up going for a swim, and a handful of the local amenities close at the end of the summer. But in exchange you’ll find fewer people, far fewer bugs, and friendlier weather for the world-class hiking opportunities that make the Bruce Peninsula so special.

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A monolithic voyage to Quebec’s Mingan Archipelago

Just when I think I’ve seen the full extent of Canada’s geological glory, I find myself staring 30 feet up at a woman’s face carved into limestone. This sculpture is not the creation of humans. This is the methodic work of centuries of erosion, carved from the remnants of a prehistoric seabed thrust skyward out of the Gulf of St. Lawrence after the last ice age. And there are dozens more of them, together making up the largest group of such monoliths in the country, scattered across the islands of the Mingan Archipelago.

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Car camping in the Magdalen Islands

The Magdalen Islands — les Îles-de-la-Madeleine in French — are among our most precious hidden gems. Remote, exotic, and utterly beautiful, this tiny archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence is a popular French Canadian destination but is virtually unknown outside of Quebec. You can even get there with your own car and, with a bit of ingenuity, camp out in it and take in the islands up close and on the slimmest of budgets.

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