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Exploring Anne’s world on Prince Edward Island

Anne of Green Gables has become a beloved figure in our home, just as she is in homes and across generations the world over. From her stubborn and impetuous nature to her wide-eyed faith in hope and kindred spirits, Anne remains relatable to each of us more than a century after Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery brought her into being.

We went to Prince Edward Island, along with our two bosom friends, with learning more about Anne’s origins as a cornerstone. But we soon discovered that the Island that’s home to Anne is also a great deal more.

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From quaint towns to the quiet outdoors in the Bay of Quinte

As you head east from Toronto and follow the 401, on the mainland side opposite the shores of Prince Edward County, you’ll find the region of Ontario known as the Bay of Quinte (which, as it happens, shares its name with the body of water that separates this part of the province from the County to the south). From outdoor experiences to Air Force history and a variety of culinary experiences, there’s plenty to explore on this side of the bay!

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Following the Rideau Canal to Ottawa, our nation’s capital

The first Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager minivans hit the market for the 1984 model year, making 2019 the 35th anniversary of the FCA minivan. Since they’re still assembled in Canada at FCA’s Windsor facility, it’s a fitting time to climb aboard a Chrysler Pacifica and head to the capital city of the nation still tasked with building the company’s minivans to this day.

In that spirit, we left the 401 in Kingston to take the long way, not only toward exploring Ottawa itself but also the evolution of the methods people use to get there.

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Hopping through history on Hamilton’s harbourfront

The Hamilton waterfront is a great place to spend a summer afternoon. Did you react to that statement with skepticism? That’s understandable. If you look south from the Queen Elizabeth Way, or if you’ve lived in the Greater Toronto Area for decades, you might have the perception that Hamilton is made entirely of foundries and fire. But the best part of the city’s waterfront is tucked away beyond that view from the Burlington Skyway. A quick drive to the far end of the bay unlocks plenty of entertaining ways to spend a day.

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An ice-covered tour of Quebec City

Quebec City changed me. I’d never been a fan of winter. Aside from the few times each year my daughter would beg us to bundle up and take her ice skating, I’ve long made a habit of sitting under blankets drinking tea and waiting for the coldest months to pass. In Quebec, though, you’ll hear a well-known line from a song by Quebecois poet Gilles Vigneault: « Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver. » My country is not a country, it is winter. It encapsulates a beautiful aspect of French Canadian culture, a deliberate commitment to refuse to put life on hold but instead to fully embrace this unique aspect of northern life.

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