Right up until we entered Little Canada, we weren’t sure what to expect. But as we passed through its entrance hall and caught our first glimpse of a miniature, animated Niagara Falls that wraps halfway around the first room, we knew we had entered a special place. Little Canada celebrates everything that makes this country beautiful, from vibrant cities to verdant sea sides, in one tiny package.

It would take most people years to travel around to all the parts of Canada highlighted here. If you’re visiting from abroad, Little Canada will make you feel like you’ve seen more of Canada during your trip. You may also enjoy visiting if you’re looking for inspiration for your next road trip. Even if you’re just a fan of the fun and fanciful, you’ve got to head to downtown Toronto to check this out.

What cities are in Little Canada?

As of our visit in January 2024, Little Canada has six sections, which here are called destinations. These are: Little Niagara, Little Toronto, Little Golden Horseshoe, Little Ottawa, Petit Quebec, and Little East Coast.

Little Niagara

In Little Niagara, you can get a glimpse not only of Niagara Falls but also the gorge and surrounding city. This is where you start to get a feel for the kinds of details to look for as you walk through each space. We saw tourists on a tiny Maid of the Mist tour boat, travelers entering Canada off a miniature Rainbow Bridge, and a little GO train making its way into the station. As you trace the Niagara River, you end up in wine country with a view of downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Little Toronto

Little Toronto is where we spent the most time. It’s so much fun exploring the details of the city we call home! The CN Tower lights up, the Rogers Centre opens and closes, and you can peek inside Scotiabank Arena. There’s even a subway station to spot, and a Little Little Canada! A helpful guide told us a great story: a couple had their first date at Little Canada and can now be seen on the steps of Toronto’s Old City Hall in their wedding attire. How magical!

Little Golden Horseshoe

In the Little Golden Horseshoe, you trace the area between Toronto and Niagara from Mississauga’s iconic Absolute Towers (which have been likened to Marilyn Monroe) through Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and beyond. Even the Stelco steel production facility on Hamilton’s lakefront is recreated in exceptional detail.

Little Bites

By this point, you’ll probably have spent far longer examining Little Canada’s details than you were expecting and may be ready for a beverage or a snack. The Little Bites café is positioned between Little Golden Horseshoe and Little Ottawa and offers some light fare. The teenager in our group says Maurice’s iced maple coffee is delicious!

Little Ottawa

Once you’re refreshed, continue on to Little Ottawa. At some point during your journey, you’ll notice that Little Canada cycles from day to night. This takes place at 15-minute intervals. Be sure to stay at Little Ottawa for at least that long: a show awaits you at the Parliament buildings after dark! The scenes from Commissioners Park, home of the Canadian Tulip Festival, and the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival are impressive as well.

Petit Quebec

Few places in Canada thoroughly embrace winter quite like Quebec, so it’s fitting to see this destination covered in snow. You’ll feel like you’re tracing the bank of the St. Lawrence River from the east as you see the ski runs at Mont-Sainte-Anne, the Sanctuaire Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, and the unmistakable Château Frontenac atop the cliffs of Quebec City. (This is the only place in the entirety of Little Canada where we noticed one tiny detail missing. We think it was intentional, though, so as not to spoil an important view. Let us know if you can find it!)

Little East Coast

All four Atlantic Provinces are on display in the Little East Coast. This is the only way to see Signal Hill and Cape Spear in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Halifax and Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick’s Hopewell Rocks, the highest tides in the world in the Bay of Fundy, and Green Gables on Prince Edward Island, all within 20 minutes!

Upcoming destinations in Little Canada

We were blown away by how much fun we had exploring Little Canada. We spent hours searching for all the places we’ve visited on our road trips across the country! More destinations are coming soon, including Little West Coast, Little North, Petit Montreal, Little Rockies and Little Prairies. We’ll definitely be back as each destination opens to see what else we can find!

Who is Maurice the Moose?

Maurice the Moose is one meandering mammal. He likes to explore Little Canada, too, and finds all kinds of places to hide while he’s doing it. When you arrive, you’ll receive a list of clues telling you where Maurice is hiding throughout Little Canada’s six destinations. If you find all his hiding places, be sure to ask for a sticker on your way out to celebrate your achievement! We don’t want to spoil the fun, so we haven’t included any pictures of him so we don’t give away his hiding spots.

How long does it take to go through Little Canada?

Plan to spend at least 15 minutes in each destination so you can watch the full cycle of day and night. The details change in each area as the “hours” pass. If you do this in all six destinations, you’ll need at least an hour and a half to explore Little Canada. We lingered for more than two hours exploring all the details—far longer than we expected!

How does Little Canada work?

You can see for yourself! There are windows at various points in the tour that give you a behind-the-scenes peek into Little Canada’s inner workings. There’s a traffic control station at the end of Little Golden Horseshoe where you may even get to choose which car is put on the road next! You can also visit Mission Control and the Miniature Makers’ Studio, where you can watch the artists preparing tiny figures and ask them plenty of questions.

Can I be part of Little Canada?

You sure can! During your visit, stop by the Littlization Station. You’ll be scanned for free, and later you’ll receive an email with the photos and some options for receiving a little version of yourself. One of them is to have your Little Me placed somewhere within Little Canada! There are nearly 50 locations to choose from, and you’ll join the more than 4,600 others who have done the same thing. Check out the pricing here.

What’s the best part about Little Canada?

Our favourite part of exploring Little Canada is looking for all the tiny details. There are so many fun microscenes tucked in through all the destinations. You could spend hours here, then come back for hours more, and keep finding new things you haven’t noticed!

Some of the microscenes are so clever that they made us laugh out loud. Our favourite is the group of beavers protesting outside the Halifax location of BeaverTails.

Is Little Canada worth it?

With admission costing $40 for adults, $32 for students and seniors, and $22 for kids 4 to 12, a visit to Little Canada is an investment, especially as you bring more people along since there are no group rates offered. That said, we feel the admission charge is worthwhile, and we would and will happily visit again. The magic and delight Little Canada offers is priceless.

If you know exactly which day and time you’d like to visit, adults and students/seniors can save $4 off admission by purchasing a timed ticket. Learn more here.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Little Canada’s address?

Little Canada is located on the lower floor at 10 Dundas Street East, at the corner of Yonge Street and Dundas Street in downtown Toronto. It’s easily accessible by taking the TTC to Dundas station on Line 1 (Yonge-University) or by taking the 505 Dundas streetcar to the Yonge Street stop. You can also walk to Little Canada via the PATH underground walkway system directly from the Toronto Eaton Centre.

Why is it called Little Canada?

Because it’s Canada, only little! Dozens of Canada’s tourist attractions have been recreated in tiny form inside a building in downtown Toronto. This means you can visit much of Canada within a couple of hours!

What does Little Canada have?

Little Canada has six different sections—referred to as destinations—as well as behind-the-scenes areas, washrooms at several points along the walking route, an onsite café, and a gift shop.

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