February 2023

2023 BMW i7
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Notable Locations:
Georgian Hills Vineyards / Ardiel Cider House
Thornbury Craft Co.
Thornbury Bakery and Café
TheSmoke BBQ
Gluten Free Me Bakery
Duntroon Cyder House

Inspired by an Instagram post by Thornbury Craft Co.—chocolate in hard apple cider? My life would not be complete without trying this for myself—I decide to head to the Georgian Bay coast to pick some up. But on the week when I can make this trip, I have only an electric vehicle at my disposal: the 2023 BMW i7, the brand’s all-new flagship electric large sedan. Thornbury is about 150 kilometres from home; the i7 has an estimated range of up to 498 kilometres. But I won’t be starting with a full charge, and if I’m going to drive all the way up to the Georgian Bay coast, I may as well make a few extra stops and make a day out of it. I decide to take the range anxiety on board, both in the name of scoring some of this unusual cider and testing the road trip worthiness of this remarkable EV. What’s life without a little adventure? Let’s see how it goes.

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Additional notes:
This itinerary involves both driving and alcoholic beverages, which are two things that absolutely are not to be mixed. I took this trip solo, and so I did zero sampling along the way and instead purchased products to try at home. Should you choose to follow this route, please do the same or bring a designated driver along so you can enjoy yourself responsibly.

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