F1 Exhibition

The F1 Exhibition makes its North American debut in Toronto

By Stephanie Wallcraft / May 3, 2024

The remains of Romain Grosjean’s fiery Bahrain crash, showing in North America for the first time, are one of many reasons to see the F1 Exhibition in Toronto.

How the Parks Canada Xplorers program helped me ace my history exam

By M. Wallcraft / May 2, 2024

As a teenager, I’ve been doing projects on Canadian history for years. Thanks to Parks Canada Xplorers, I’ve seen the places children write essays about.

North Star*, Colin and Justin’s Hotel Hell, is a slice of heaven on Cape Breton

By Stephanie Wallcraft / May 1, 2024

As documented on Colin and Justin’s Hotel Hell, North Star* opened in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, in 2022. It’s now a slice of heaven on Cape Breton’s east coast.

7 sensational reasons to add a Louisbourg road trip to your Cape Breton visit

By Stephanie Wallcraft / April 22, 2024

When you take a Louisbourg road trip, you’ll be greeted by ocean breezes, unique accommodations, and some of the richest history anywhere in the Nova Scotia.

7 special experiences you’ll discover in Cape Breton Highlands National Park

By Stephanie Wallcraft / April 18, 2024

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a crown jewel of Cape Breton Island. It’s packed full of amazing outdoor experiences for visitors of all ages.

Cabot Trail road trip: The best tips for mapping out your epic Cape Breton drive

By Stephanie Wallcraft / April 16, 2024

Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail is one of Canada’s most famous drives. Here are our top tips for making the most of your Cabot Trail road trip!

Tap Into Maple in Orillia and Lake Country celebrates the simple sweet life

By Stephanie Wallcraft / March 6, 2024

It’s time to Tap Into Maple in Orillia and Lake Country! Learn how maple syrup is made and discover how it can enhance your sweet treats and culinary delights.

Happy Adventure is a family affair in Central Newfoundland

By Stephanie Wallcraft / February 23, 2024

Hiking the scenic cliffs and shores of Bonavista Bay, then stay at the Happy Adventure Inn. Sink into a soaker tub to relax before dining on local delicacies.

Six sensational reasons to visit Newfoundland’s Terra Nova National Park

By Stephanie Wallcraft / February 22, 2024

No drive across the island of Newfoundland is complete without a visit to Terra Nova National Park! Here are six sensational reasons to visit.

Newfoundland’s Eastport Peninsula is where you’ll rediscover happy summers

By Stephanie Wallcraft / February 21, 2024

While simple, slow summers are extinct elsewhere, they’re alive and well on Newfoundland’s Eastport Peninsula. To find them, follow the Road to the Beaches.